Dry carpet cleaning vs. Steam cleaning: Choose which one is better!

There is a constant discussion going on in the carpet manufacturing companies around the globe. The corporate that are providing the Hot water extraction or commonly known as “steam cleaning” techniques solicit that dry carpet cleaning techniques that cleanse as finely as the wet cleaning methods do.

Whereas the companies that provide dry cleaning methods state that steam cleaning wets the whole carpet, leaving a soapy residue.

Carpet Mould Removal Brisbane

Steam Cleaning Is Chemical Based Carpet Cleaning:

In steam cleaning, the machine sprays out the detergent solution onto your carpet. The Hot water activates the solution on the carpet. Alkaline is used for synthetic fiber and acidic for the wool or organic fiber carpets. Then the wet vacuum cleaner is used to soak up all the excess water on the floor.

People go for steam cleaning instead of dry cleaning because of the chemicals affecting their health and the environment. Technically, if you want to clean your carpet without being concerned about chemicals, then just vacuum it.


The Hot Water Extraction used by a Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Southside or a professional cleaner removes the cleaning solution but some residue is left behind in the carpet. The customers, who are concerned with allergies and asthma, can opt cleaning solutions that are non-toxic which are free of dyes and perfumes.

Professional hot water extraction dries up faster as they use a powerful machine which is attached to a vehicle.

Types of Machines Used For Steam Cleaning:

  1. A cold cleaning machine which steams without actually boiling the water. Here the steam is more of water and less hot.
  2. A dry steaming machine produces steam from boiling water where the steam consists very little water and is very hot.

Reasons Why To Use Steam Cleaning:

A variety of DIY carpet cleaning tips is used across the internet to help people fight those stubborn stains at home. But deep cleansing can only be done by the Carpet Cleaning Specialist.

There Are Several Reasons Why Steam Cleaning Is A Better Option For You To Use:

  1. It uses heat to sterilize all the household surfaces.
  2. Steam cleaning can dissolve substances like wax, glue and chewing gum present on the carpet for a long time.

Dry Cleaning Is Less Time Consuming:

In Brisbane, the professional cleaning is widely considered as the carpet cleaning in Brisbane is done by the best of the professionals.

Carpet Cleaners

You can dry clean your carpets by sprinkling dry chemical compounds or cleaning solutions on the carpet, and it will disrupt all the soil found on the carpet.It offers the benefit of time. Floors are ready to use instantly after the cleaning is finished.

Reasons Why To Use Dry Cleaning:

  1. Energy efficient: It will charge only 10% of what other carpeting techniques will cost you. Because there is less vacuuming involved in this and fewer tools applied while carpet cleaning.
  2. Water conserving: As the word itself suggests “dry cleaning”, water consumption is least used in this method. Since the water is not used to rinse the carpet; there is no solution residue left behind which leads to the damage of the carpet fabric.
  3. Lesser emissions: The dry carpet cleaners generally reduce the Quantity of emission in-floor cleaning system by approximately 70% or more. This is because the carpet cleaner actually captures the dirt particles rather than just spreading it all over, grinding them deeper, as other techniques might do.

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