Think about the elimination of Dust from your Upholstery

banner4There is no objection that regularly dusting of your furniture leaves your home clean and beautiful. Did you know that regular cleaning of upholstery is good for you and your health as well? The bacteria chemicals found in dust, known as end toxins, can trigger asthma and wheezing in adults. Dust naturally accumulates in cracks and crevices. The more stuff in your home, the more surfaces and spaces you’ll have for dust to gather. Of course, you’re going to need some of these furnishings in your home, and the solution to the dust they attract certainly isn’t to rid yourself of all your possessions.

jalan_banner1_new_550_5By vacuuming and steam cleaning reduced allergens concentrations below the levels believed to trigger asthma symptoms, the interventions did not reduce the concentrations below the levels associated with allergic sensitization. In order to obtain allergen measurements below the sensitization level, people may need to do additional things such as remove carpeting from the floors, replace upholstered furniture with leather or vinyl covered furniture, and reduce humidity levels in the house. The best prevention for stains and spills is care and fabric protection.  We sell fabric protection plans and products that provide insurance against tears, spills, and stains because, let’s face it; no one plans to mess things up.

emergency-flood-water-carpet-cleaning-brisbaneIf you decorate your sofa by cleaning, be sure to wash the pillows every week in hot water and change the pillows out every few months, to discourage dust mite infestations. Don’t decorate your sofa with items that cannot easily be washed, such as stuffed dolls, knitted or textile artwork. Dust mites need humidity to survive, so it makes sense to do what you can to reduce the humidity in your home. To reduce moisture in the air and ensure that there is adequate ventilation in the sofa area. Don’t store things beside, behind, or under your couch that might block air flow, or create a dark, warm environment for mites.

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