Which Method is Better- Steam Carpet Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning

You all know that carpet cleaning help to change the overall look of your home. There are so many methods used to clean your carpet but the main difference is the amount of water used in the cleaning process. Ultimately, the results achieved by both carpet cleaning systems depend more on the technician, the chemicals and the equipment than the system used. There are two primary ways which are used by professional carpet cleaners that will help to remove dirt and stains from carpets are through wet and dry carpet cleaning techniques. These both have similar outcomes and objectives, but they are accomplished in very different ways. The two methods which are used by professional’s are- Dry cleaning method and Steam Carpet Cleaning. In Dry cleaning method, it requires the use of chemicals and excess water, which can be wasted to the environment. But in the case of Steam cleaning method, it uses half the water of a traditional cleaning machine and does not require the same harmful chemicals in order to remove particles and grease from the carpet’s fibers.


Steam Carpet Cleaning Method:-

It is also called Hot water extraction method. In this method we use hot water at high pressure and a cleaning solution and immediately vacuum it or you can say that the amount of chemicals used here is much less than what is used in dry cleaning. In this steam carpet cleaning techniques, it results in dirty water residue being left behind in the carpeting. It is very effective carpet cleaning method; the carpet would need to be rinsed numerous times to ensure no dirty water is left behind. This method is a more thorough clean and is often recommended carpet manufactures as the preferred method of cleaning.

Steam cleaning method uses excessive amounts of water that often soaks through to the carpet backing and creates a breeding ground for allergens and contaminants. In this process we don’t carry the same risk and offers a safer and more convenient carpet cleaning solution.


Dry Carpet Cleaning Method:-

In the case of dry cleaning method it involves by using dry chemicals that are applied to the carpet and sprayed with some water to help them react on the carpet. The carpet is then treated with a carpet dry cleaning solution which is a combination of dry cleaning solvents carried in water. This dry cleaning solution breaks down the oily residue in the carpet which holds the dirt to the carpet fibers so that the soils and stains can be easily removed. So in a sense it is not truly dry, but once the process is complete, the carpet is usable right away since it will be dry by that point.


It is very good method is good if there is an emergency situation is required or you want too little maintenance clean is required.  Also, good steam cleaning equipment is heavy, sometimes it difficult getting the equipment in place, like in some high-rise building. Back2New Cleaning provides you proficient carpet steam cleaning services.


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