Leather is a delicate material, very difficult to treat and maintain it properly, however, the ink stains on it are especially dramatic, particularly at the time of removal, but there is nothing to be afraid of, there are multiple alternatives that can be applied in a way to solve this seemingly complex issue.

If you have a bare leather sofa it is advisable not to waste time and call a leather couch cleaning services who applies techniques with specialized instruments due to the complex of the material, however, if the sofa is a finished type, it is possible that the work can be fruitful and we can remove the ink stains from carpet successfully.



If the leather to be treated where the ink stain is present is of the type suitable for applying home methods, then it is recommended to proceed with caution and faithfully adhere to the steps described below, in this way you will avoid falling into even worse inconveniences.

On the other hand, the age of the stain will greatly affect the results obtained with this method, it means, if the stain is old and dry, the best thing is to go directly to a professional who dyes the surface properly; additionally, any procedure to be applied must be tested on a small and hidden sector of the leather surface to allow us to visualize if it is damaged or discolored, and proceed in the most appropriate way in the situation.


  • Initially we will resort to a mixture of water and soap based on solvents placed on the ink stain on the leather by means of a towel or damp sponge that allows us to rub vigorously.
  • A leather ink stick can then be used to camouflage the stain if necessary, although such an attachment is usually quite expensive.
  • Using saddle soap, this detergent is specially designed to Remove stains from the leather and is therefore a good ally in this situation, allowing not only to remove unwanted colors that is necessary but also keep this kind of surfaces hydrated, thus increasing the temporary duration of our furniture
  • Another attempt that can be fruitful is to apply a leather cleaner and conditioner to the ink stain on the furniture, this will act by promoting the same benefits as the saddle soap.
  • In the particular case of ink stains, hair varnish is often used to remove them, this is implemented by wetting a swab and cleaning quickly with it the affected area, avoiding damage to the surface with the subsequent application of a leather conditioner.
  • You can also try with the application of 70% medical alcohol on the ink stain on the leather of the sofa, and as in the previous case, when finishing, condition the area with a leather conditioner.
  • If none of these methods work, it is time to contact a professional who will clean the ink stain from the cabinet.

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