How to Get Rid of Ants?


Ants, tiny little notorious creatures, can just crawl into your home from the smallest of cracks. Once they have infested your home they just grow more in number. So it is better to take care of the problem in the early stages. As a matter a fact using some basic pest control measures won’t let the ants in at the first place, prevents the use of energy and time to get rid of them. Follow the steps below to keep the Get Rid of Ants away  from your home or to get rid of them, if they have already invaded.


  1. Ants are repelled to certain kinds of plants like mint. They just simply hate the smell of it, so they tend to maintain distance from it and don’t come near. Therefore, planting mints in small pots around the house especially in the ant prone areas will prevent the ants from entering into your home.
  2. Other than mint, ants also hate commonly found household spices like cloves, cinnamon, garlic, chili, and pepper among others. You can simply sprinkle the spices in the entry point of the ants and it will prevent them from coming inside the house.
  3. Pest Control usually enter homes if they find food or water. Any leftovers on the sink, food crumbs lying around or standing water will attract the ant into your home. So keeping sink and kitchen clean after doing the dishes or cooking will help to avoid the whole problem of ants. Also clean up the dining table after having a meal.
  4. Kitchen countertop, table or any other surface where ant are prone to attack should be regularly wiped clean with vinegar or bleach solution. Mixing any of the natural repellents with water and oils like clove oil and peppermint oil or detergent will make good cleaning agent to keep the ants away.
  5. Store food and things like sugar in an airtight container. It also helps to keep the food fresh and prevent other type insects from contaminating it. Storing food in an airtight container also helps to prevent spread of bugs.
  6. If all the above didn’t prevent the Pest Control Brisbane from invading your home, you don’t have to use strong chemical infused pesticides to get rid of them. The chemicals used will also hamper your health and your families as well. You don’t have to hire a professional as well you can create your own ant pesticide at home with stuff available at home. Mix I part of lemon juice with 3 part of water and your homemade ant pesticide is ready for use. The citric acid found in lemons will instantly kill ants. You can also use boric acid to kill these tiny creatures. Just sprinkle boric acid with a dusting bulb around the ant prone areas. It acts as poison to their stomach and kill them in an instance. But be careful not to use it around food stuff and kitchen area as it is toxic.



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